As of 3/2/2022 masks are optional for vaccinated individuals inside the Museum or in the outdoor Foundry Park and Museum Plaza. 

During your visit, help the NMIH protect the artifacts and displays in our galleries by following a few simple guidelines:

• Please do not touch the artifacts. To avoid accidents, be aware of your surroundings and keep a safe distance from artifacts, cases, and platforms at all times.

• Do not reach over railings or touch any machinery or artifacts.

• Before entering the galleries, check large bags, backpacks, and umbrellas at the coat closet near the information desk in the front of the museum. The bag check is complimentary. NMIH is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

• Please silence your cell phone.

• If you plan to take photos in the galleries, read over our photography policy listed below.

Bag and Coat Check
Bag and coat check services are complimentary. A coat closet is available for use by our patrons, and is located near the information desk. Large bags, backpacks, umbrellas, and other items should be checked at the information desk. NMIH is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

Food & Drink
Food and beverages are prohibited from our main gallery and changing gallery spaces. Outside food and beverages may be consumed in the museum’s Education Center. During special event rentals, food and beverages are permitted in the front portion of the museum prior to entering the main gallery. A table is available to save food and drinks for after perusing the exhibits.

Pets other than service animals are not permitted in the museum at any time.

Visitors are welcome to take photographs or videos for personal, noncommercial use in the NMIH’s galleries, under the following guidelines:

• Photos must be taken using existing lighting only—flash photography and the use of external lighting equipment is prohibited.

• Tripods and monopods are not allowed to be used in the museum unless for media purposes and cleared with the museum’s Director of Marketing and Public Relations.

• Selfie sticks are not allowed.

• In some cases, works on loan from other institutions or individuals may not be photographed. Such works will be clearly marked with a “no photography” icon on the label or near the work. For clarification on what is what, please consult with our information desk on the day of your visit.

Visitors may use strollers throughout the museum. They may also be stored in the museum’s coat closet at the front of the museum near the information desk.