You’ll get unlimited access to one of our Digital Resources for the month of your choosing. Using a web browser, project, or screen-share the resource during class and take your students through the experience together or have them access it independently.

Digital Resources can accommodate up to 30 students in the following formats:

  • • All students in one physical classroom (facilitated by an educator) **Optimal use
  • • Each student connects individually from different locations

To better tell the diverse, international stories about our shared industrial history—and to welcome students from all backgrounds— our Digital Resources are available in English and Spanish.

each digital resource includes:

  • • In-depth highlights of NMIH collections and artifacts
  • • Prompts, activities, and videos that engage your students in local and national history and S.T.E.A.M. learning
  • • A facilitation guide for teachers with suggested ways to use this Digital Resource with a group of students
  • • Over 5 hours of curriculum–based materials
  • • Audio narration to support multi-modal learning


$100 for unlimited month-long usage for one classroom.


School-wide discount: if all classes in one grade of your school register, save 10% of the total cost.

District-wide discount: if all class in all schools for your district register, save 15% of the total cost.


1-30 students (at least 1 teacher/supervising adult is highly recommended and is mandatory for in classroom usage).


Included prior to scheduling and payment:

  • • 3-day access in advance to browse the resource and get insight on how to use it

Included post scheduling and payment:

  • • A one-on-one, 30 minute long, Zoom session with a member of NMIH staff on how to use this program
  • • Email access regarding programming to NMIH staff throughout the month of access

Full payment must be received no later than 14 days prior to your first day of access to the Digital Resource. Accepted forms of payment include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or checks. Checks can be made out to the National Museum of Industrial History. The Museum does NOT accept purchase orders as a form of payment.


Cancellations up to 7 days prior to your first day of access to the Digital Resource are eligible for a full refund. After that, the Museum is unable to issue a refund.


Presented in partnership with Historic Bethlehem Museums & Sites. Visit their website to learn more!  

Grades: 3-5

This Digital Resource aligns with PA Common Core standards for College and Career Readiness, English Language Arts, Business, Computer, and Information Technology, Career Education and Work, Science and Technology and Engineering Education, and Social Studies.

Using this Digital Resource, students will take a journey through time and learn about early industry in Bethlehem up through the last cast at Bethlehem Steel Incorporated. Through the lens of the Bethlehem steel industry, students will learn our industrial history and how Bethlehem came to be an industrial capital and community. Explore the interactive Steel Story, with engaging videos, hands-on activities, and fun quizzes! 

To Learn about HBMS Interactive Distance Learning Programs that complement Voices of America: The Bethlehem Steel Story click here


Grades: 3-5

This Digital Resource aligns with PA, NJ, and Common Core standards for College and Career Readiness, English Language Arts, Career Education, Mathematics, Science and Technology and Engineering, Social Studies, and Computer Science and Design Thinking.

Using this Digital Resource, students will discover the impact of the silk industry in the United States. With fun activities, videos, and oral histories, students will learn about the history of silk, the connections to the Lehigh Valley, the innovation of the industry, the lives of the workers, and the reform and activism that came out of the silk mills. The fun worksheets can be bound to make a lasting souvenir journal.


What do I do if I am experiencing technological difficulties?

Work with your IT service for any technological support. Please notify us so that we can determine if it is a Digital Resource platform issue, and we can monitor.

I’m not a teaching professional. Can I still use the Digital Resource?

Absolutely! If you have any questions about whether the Digital Resources are a good fit for your group, we are happy to discuss your needs and help you find which program will be the best fit. Reach out to the Education Team via our contact page.  

Can I book access to a Digital Resource for more than one month?

Yes, however your access to the Digital Resource automatically ends each month if we are not notified in advance. If you’d like to request access to the Digital Resource for an additional month, please let us know. Each month of access costs $100, and you will be invoiced accordingly.

I need to make changes/cancel my access. How do I do so?

You can cancel up to 7 days prior to your first day of access to the Digital Resource and receive a full refund. If you cancel later than that, the Museum cannot issue a refund. After you have gained access to the Digital Resource, you cannot make changes or cancel your access.

Do you offer cost assistance or scholarships for the Digital Resource?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer cost assistance or scholarships at this time.

How does your reservation process work?

If you have any questions, please contact our Education Team via our contact page before submitting your request. When you’re ready, you can submit your request via our online form on the website. Once we receive your request, we will reach out to finalize and send an invoice via email. You can pay for your program by check or credit card. If you choose to pay by credit card, you can do so via our online portal or over the phone. Payment is due 14 days prior to the start of access to the Digital Resource. 

Our school is physically closed. Can we use the Digital Resource if all students are in different locations?

Yes! The great thing about being digital, is that all you need to do is provide your students with the URL and access code so they can access the Digital Resource. However, we do recommend all students to be in one physical classroom for optimal usage.