Artifact Donation

Are you interested in donating an artifact to the National Museum of Industrial History?  
Here’s a quick guide for how the donation process works!

1. Any object that is offered to the museum as a donation for the permanent collection must first be approved by our Collections Committee, which meets once every three months.

2. Please fill out Donation Form below. If you have images, please attach them to the form. The information and photos you provide to us will be presented to the Collections Committee at the next meeting. 
 Once the museum staff receives the form, they will be in contact with you within five business days to confirm receipt.

3. Once the Collections Committee has made a decision about the object, one of our staff members will contact you.

4. If an item is accepted into the collection, a Deed of Gift will be issued. Donors must sign this form which transfers legal title to the National Museum of Industrial History. Title to all donations will be without restriction by the donor.

5. If the Collections Committee decides not to accept the object at this time and you have left the object in the custody of the museum, then it is your responsibility to pick up the object by the return date listed on the Temporary Custody Receipt.