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Adopt an Artifact or Interactive

Help bring American industrial history to life - adopt an artifact or interactive today!

An integral part of the NMIH mission is to collect and preserve the historic artifacts and stories of men and women who built Industrial America, as well as to educate and immerse our visitors in interactive experiences. Conservation and preservation are necessary to protect these collections for future generations. Our interactives are designed to inspire visitors.

Your tax-deductible donation to the NMIH Adopt an Artifact program helps pay for the installation, conservation, and ongoing care of your artifact, thereby ensuring its long-term preservation. It also aids in the fabrication and installation of our interpretive exhibits. This is a unique way to get involved with NMIH and help provide the financial funding needed to continue our mission to inspire tomorrow’s visionaries.

Benefits of Adopting

Every level of adoption receives the following (additional benefits with graduated levels):

- Adoption certificate
- Photo of the artifact or interactive after completion of conservation and installation in museum
- Description of the artifact/interactive significance
- Social media shout out
- And, of course, the opportunity to preserve American History for future generations.

Your donation will apply to preservation/creation of the selected artifact/interactive, or an equivalent at the same value for one year following the museum's grand opening. If you have any questions regarding artifact adoption, please contact Glenn Koehler.

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